Social isolation. Concern over the health of loved ones. Worries about money and maybe even losing your job. Top it off with uncertainty about how long all this is going to last.

With all the stressors that people have to deal with right now during the COVID19 crisis, is it any wonder that more people than ever are suffering from anxiety disorder?

Many people don’t want to take medication to ease their suffering because of chemicals, side-effects or the fear of its being habit-forming.

While Cannabis and its related products are still a mystery or taboo to some, they are fast becoming more mainstream for treating not only anxiety disorder, but a host of other ailments. In fact, there are now 23 chronic medical conditions that qualify for Medical Marijuana use.

Many people are confused about whether or not they qualify for the Medical Marijuana ID card required for dispensaries, and the process to obtain one has traditionally been long and confusing, involving many steps and state and bureaucratic entities.

But Medical Marijuana Specialists, based in Western Pennsylvania, is committed to changing all that. “We are the state’s only one-stop-shop to guide and support patients through the entire medical marijuana certification process,” says Nurse Shelly, owner of the organization. Their team helps patients obtain their medical records, registers them on the Pennsylvania state website, connects them via telemedicine with a certifying physician, and even assists with the state processing fee for getting their ID card. “We take care of all of it for you, so you can concentrate on feeling better.”

Curious about Medical Marijuana?

Now is the Time to Get Started

We now offer Telemedicine Appointments
9AM-9PM, 7 days a week

Given the stay-at-home orders during the COVID19 crisis, Medical Marijuana Specialists is now offering telemedicine for consultations and ID certification and a free nurse hotline for questions. People can call or sign up on their website and be connected virtually instantly with a professional.

“We want to make the process as easy and transparent as possible, and clear up any misinformation. For example, cannabis can help with anxiety, but only if it’s the right strain,” nurse Shelly asserts. “That’s why I’ll be conducting ‘Ask Nurse Shelly’ live broadcasts on Zoom and Facebook, to interview experts in our field and answer people’s questions.” (To find out dates and times for these broadcasts, go here.)

“All our world-class physicians and nurses believe passionately in the healing abilities of this amazing plant,” says Nurse Shelly. “Today more than ever, we want to remove barriers to people’s access.” Learn more about Telemedicine Options Here